Greetings and welcome to my RS Gallerie! It is still under construction, so pardon my dust as I make the transition! ^_^

I'm still getting used to the RS format. Things like sketches, cel sizes and numbers may not be completely accurate at first-- I will try to get all that resolved as time goes on, but I thought the images were the most important part. ^_^

My primary animated titles of interest are Slayers, Shamanic Princess, Loveless, Gargoyles and Interstella 5555. I have been collecting animation art since 2000; most of these pieces are rare and very dear to me. I appreciate feedback on my gallerie, but I am very busy working on my own animation and artwork, so please do not be offended if I cannot respond to email right away. Cel collecting is a wonderful hobby for me, but it is not my life's focus.

That being said, thank you for taking the time to view my collection!


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5/31/2006Izobel's Cel Gallerie now open.

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Title Last Updated
*Coming Soon!* 9/16/2006
Ah! My Goddess 8/1/2006
Chobits 8/5/2006
Gargoyles 8/1/2006
Interstella 5555 9/16/2006
Loveless Genga & Douga 9/16/2006
Loveless Rilezu 7/29/2006
Miscellaneous 8/2/2006
Ping Pong Club 9/16/2006
Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie 8/2/2006
Revolutionary Girl Utena TV 8/2/2006
Shamanic Princess - Group 8/4/2006
Shamanic Princess - Kagetsu 8/4/2006
Shamanic Princess - Lena 8/4/2006
Shamanic Princess - Opening 8/4/2006
Shamanic Princess - Sarah 8/4/2006
Shamanic Princess - Tiara 8/4/2006
Slayers - Amelia 8/4/2006
Slayers - Filia 8/4/2006
Slayers - Gourry 8/4/2006
Slayers - Group 8/5/2006
Slayers - Lina 8/4/2006
Slayers - Martina 8/4/2006
Slayers - Mazoku 8/4/2006
Slayers - Others 8/5/2006
Slayers - OVA/Movie/Game 8/4/2006
Slayers - Zelgadis 8/5/2006
Slayers Genga & Douga 8/5/2006
The Flight of Dragons 8/2/2006
The Heroic Legend of Arislan (Arslan) 8/4/2006
The Hobbit 8/2/2006
The Last Unicorn 8/2/2006
Transformers (G1) 8/2/2006
Trinity Blood Rilezu 7/29/2006
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 8/1/2006
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (YamiBou) 8/2/2006

Curator: thezelgoddess
Gallery Created: 5/31/2006
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